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Auto Defects


Climaco is committed to representing victims who have been injured, or who have had a loved one injured or killed in a vehicle accident. Our lawyers and staff are committed to professional and prompt attention to clients in need of counsel to determine whether or not they or their loved ones injuries are due to a vehicle defect. In many vehicle accidents involving injury and/or death there is often a vehicle design issue which may have prevented the injury from ever occurring; or limiting the severity of the injury brought upon the victim.

Additionally, our firm continues to monitor the automotive industry to uncover all potential automotive defects giving rise to injury and death to vehicle occupants.

Our lawyers and staff will quickly and efficiently determine whether or not there is a basis for a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the vehicle involved in your accident. If we confirm after our investigation that a basis for a lawsuit exists, we will carefully and strenuously handle your case. Our Firm continually monitors the automotive industry to keep our skills and knowledge base sharp. Additionally, we work with consultants in the automotive litigation field who assist in many facets of the Firm's evaluation and litigation of our clients' cases.