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Contract Issues


The Firm has substantial experience in issues involving employment contracts, employees' non-compete and non-disclosure agreements and trade secret matters that are increasingly prevalent in employment law. The Firm offers clients experienced advice and representation in matters of race, age and sex discrimination, as well as disability, wage and benefits disputes and ERISA claims. While the Firm is well known for its aggressive litigation of employment disputes, it is the claim that never gets filed because of the Firm's preventive counseling and advance planning that gives the Firm most pride.

The National Labor Relations Act ("NLRA") is a trilogy of federal acts pertaining to private sector labor and management relations. Because this important law pertains to the most basic relationship, that of master/servant or employer/employee, it has a vast and varied application to a significant portion of the population. Consequently, this area of law sees a continual and rapidly changing legal landscape that requires true attorney specialization to remain a competent practitioner. Our attorneys are dedicated to specialization in this unique area of the law so that we may proficiently serve our clients, both employers and employees alike. We have guided many employee units and employers through the often tumultuous unionization period.

Our attorneys have represented employee organization and employers alike in the tense and adversarial election process. Our experienced attorneys have negotiated literally thousands of collective bargaining agreements and have developed a well recognized specialty in the arbitration of employee grievances. It is a basic tenet that practice pursuant to the NLRA requires specialization. For a client to retain counsel without such specialization is certain to result in an unhappy client and a waste of client money.