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Mirena® IUD

Mirena® is an intra-uterine device ("IUD") made of flexible plastic that is inserted by a healthcare provider during an office visit. Mirena® IUD is manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals. The FDA approved Mirena® IUD in 2000 as a drug, rather than as a medical device. The system releases levonorgestrel, a synthetic progestogen directly into the uterus for birth control. Mirena® IUD was also approved in 2009 to treat heavy menstrual bleeding.

Lawsuits have been filed on behalf of women who received the Mirena® IUD alleging that: Bayer failed to use reasonable care in designing Mirena® IUD and that the company failed to properly and thoroughly test Mirena® IUD before releasing the drug to the market, failed to properly and thoroughly analyze the data resulting from the pre-marketing test of Mirena® IUD, failed to conduct sufficient post-market testing and surveillance of Mirena® IUD and designed, manufactured, marketed, advertised, distributed and sold Mirena® IUD to consumers without an adequate warning of the significant and dangerous risks, failed to exercise due care, and negligently continued to manufacture and market the device after Bayer knew of adverse effects.

There have been numerous reports of serious Mirena® IUD side effects and complications, including spontaneous perforation of the uterine lining or uterine wall, migration of the device from its original position after being inserted, abscesses, infertility, inflammation of the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity and internal organs (peritonitis), intestinal perforations or obstruction, pelvic inflammatory disease and the need for hysterectomy.

Climaco, Wilcox, Peca, Tarantino & Garofoli, Co., LPA continues to offer free lawsuit consultations to individuals who may have experienced Mirena® IUD problems. Free case evaluations are available by calling 1-800-621-1062 or by filling out the form on this page.