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The 11th District Court of Appeals Affirms Trial Court’s Dismissal of Breach of Contract Claims Against CWP&G Client

CWP&G is pleased to announce that the 11th District Court of Appeals affirmed a Lake County Court of Common Pleas decision to grant summary judgment in favor of CWPT&G client, Red Line Marine Liquidators, Inc., on a breach of contract claim asserted by Mark Spoerke.  Mr. Spoerke alleged Red Line breached a contract for the sale of a large recreational boat.  In affirming the trial court’s decision, the Court of Appeals found that no contract existed between the parties because no “meeting of the minds” occurred between the parties as to the essential terms of the contract.  A copy of the decision can be found on the Ohio Surpreme Court's website at  If you have any questions regarding the Court of Appeals decision or any commercial contract matter, please do not hesitate to contact CWP&G attorneys Stewart “Dan” Roll or Scott D. Simpkins at (216) 621-8484.